Parish Social Ministry Activities

1.      Reorganizing and forming Social Ministry Committee of St. John/St. Patrick

2.      Needs analysis of Clyde/Savannah Area and prioritizing projects (transportation, housing, and youth)

3.      St. Pauli clothing collection for people in third world (10 tons donated in six months)

4.      Christmas baskets for those in need (over 70 families helped)

5.      People helped by the food pantry (300-400 people a year)

6.      Abundant collection of school supplies for Clyde/Savannah school children

7.      Large collection of mittens, gloves, hats, etc. for Social Services recipients

8.      Many personal hygiene items collected for migrant workers

9.      Transportation brochure formed and distributed for the Clyde/Savannah area

10.  Ecumenical winter coat collection for Clyde/Savannah school children

11.  Second collections (Human Development, etc)

12.  Funding for new office of Wayne County Catholic Charities ($85,000)                  

13.  Funding of water purifying system, electric generator, and new meeting room-Catholic School in Haiti ($20,000)

14.  Facilitating $20,000 gift (over a million pesos) for Payatas Community in the Philippines

15.  Good Samaritan/Tracy funds for people in need in the last year or so ($4,500)

16.  Rice Bowl collection for the hungry ($1,500)

17.  Bulletin inserts (sanctity of life, non-violent teaching of Jesus, health care issues, etc.)

18.  Ministry to the sick (home & hospital visits, Holy Communion, special meals, etc.) and bereaved (Mass of Remberance, Martha Ministry, etc.)