Altar Servers Reminders


Hopefully these reminders will help you in your ministry as an altar server.

1.       It is essential to remember that you are first of all apart of the assembly which means it is important to always participate at mass at all times (singing the hymns, listening to the readings, praying the prayers, etc.). In addition the altar server is in a very visible position at mass and has the opportunity to be an example to the congregation of the meaning of being a servant (John 13:3-17).

2.       When arriving at the altar, after the procession, remember to leave enough room for the priest and the lector (deacon) and then genuflect together. Let the priest go first and then you can place your candles. At the end of Mass, pleasegenuflect with the priest. ALL OTHER TIMES WHEN YOU MOVE, please make A BOW TO THE ALTAR a sign of reverence.

3.      At the beginning of mass, those who have the candles, please set them in front of the lectern (instead of the altar). Then when returning with the people (bringing the bread and wine), you may set them in front of the altar. Remember to place them so they are parallel and look good together. Please be careful not to place them under the altar cloth where they might catch fire.  Place them on the “spot” on the rug. Please remember that when the priest or deacon go in front of the altar, it is your cue to lead the procession to get the gifts, make sure the usher with the collection is near the gift bearers, before you process up to the altar.

4.       When setting up the altar, please remember to place and unfold the corporal, as well as set up the Sacramentary & the stand (Likewise these should be placed back on the small table after communion). When bringing the cruets with the wine and water, the person with the wine should be closest to the altar and both people should have the handles pointed towards the priest. Be close enough to the priest, so it is easy for him to take both glass cruets

5.    For the washing of the hands, we continue to use a larger bowl and a towel. 

6.   There now will be an additional ciborium with hosts bought up with the bread and wine. Ordinarily, only one chalice is brought to the altar during the preparation of the gifts, the other chalices are brought to the altar after the sign of peace.

7.  After the priest receives communion, then communion is given to the other liturgical ministers. For the sign of peace and when receiving communion, please come close enough to the priest, so he can reach you easily with the sign of peace or with the Eucharist. Please remember to bow before receiving communion.

8. There are only two times the book is held for the priest-at the beginning & at the end.

9. If for some reason you can not make your scheduled date, please try to get a substitute as soon as possible. If there is some problem when you are regularly scheduled, please let our secretary Gloria know.

10. Remember the mass is a special occasion, please dress accordingly.